Methocarbamol – basic facts

Muscle spasmsMethocarbamol is a muscle relaxant drug which is used in treatment of muscle spasms and pain that is caused by these spasms. It can be used for other types of pain, but for the most part it is prescribed when muscle spasms of some kind are involved besides the pain. It is marketed under the name Robaxin and it is often combined with paracetamol. Its advantage over other muscle relaxants is that it is far more difficult and unlikely to develop dependency to this drug. It is mostly sued in short term treatment of muscle spasms and painful condition and as such, it is primarily used to help with injuries and after operations when it is important to relieve the spasms and to help the healing process.

Methocarbamol is usually considered a well-tolerated drug and it is considered to be safer than most other muscle relaxant.

Because of this, it is very commonly prescribed and in many cases, the doctor will prescribe this drug over other similar medications. One of the main differences and selling points of Methocarbamol over other muscle relaxants is that it is less likely that the patient will develop dependency and addiction to this drug than to other similar medications. Also, the contraindications list is much shorter as is the list of possible side effects. All this being said, it is still essential that you are careful when using this medication.

For one, you should never prescribe it to yourself on your own. The only person that can recommend and prescribe Methocarbamol to you is your physician and they too need to be aware of your medical condition and your medical history before they actually prescribe this drug. For example, if you are pregnant or if you have myasthenia gravis, taking this drug will not be the best thing. Once again, this is best left to your doctor.

Once you start taking Methocarbamol, you should also ensure that you take it properly as this is the only way to ensure all of the beneficial results without any of the negative ones. The initial dosage is usually 1500 mg of Methocarbamol four times a day. This lasts for the first 48 to 72 hours when a dosage is reduced. It is reduced to 4000 mg in divided daily doses in most cases. Of course, if your doctor prescribes you a different regimen, you should adhere to it.

If you think that Methocarbamol is not providing you with enough pain relief, do not increase the dose on your own. This can be extremely dangerous and you may even put your life in danger. Ask your doctor about increasing the dosage and if they say that this should be alright, you can take more of the drug. Never do this on your own. Also, if your doctor tells you to stop using the drug or if the pain is gone, you should stop taking Methocarbamol. Failure to do so may cause a number of negative and unwanted effects that could be difficult to get rid of.

Robaxin Methocarbamol

When you take methocarbamol, you may experience impairment of your thinking and reactions. You may become drowsy and dizzy and you may have impaired vision. If this should occur, it is best that you wait for these side effects to go away before you do anything potentially hazardous to you or the people in your vicinity. Alcohol may enhance this impairment and you need to be careful about drinking when using Methocarbamol. This is always important when you are taking muscle relaxants.

Today, you can buy methocarbamol online. If you choose to decide so, you need to ensure that the pharmacy is reputable and that you are getting high quality Methocarbamol. You should check their licenses, their reputation and also their delivery times and areas of the country and the world where you can get your Methocarbamol shipped overnight or in a short time frame. The good news is that this is easier to do than ever before.